About Us

Ijisakin 'Wole Charles - Registrar
M. Germain Gagnalon

About Us

Esep-le Berger is a reputable government accredited private bi-lingual institution in the Republic of Benin. Esep-le Berger is a member of CAMES - a body that regulate Academic activities of Higher Institution in Francophone African Countries. The university is recognized by Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

Our Institution plays host to renowned scholars drawn from different academic background across West Africa.

Esep-Le Berger is the best place to bag a university degree in the Republic of Benin due to the favourable academic environment and affordable fees and a well placed teaching staff that will cater to the aspirations of students.
The University which has its main campus in Cotonou, has successfully adapted the academic peculiarities of the french system of education together with the system familiar with in Nigeria that enables our students (both anglophone and francophone) to fit in naturally with the school. We also placed emphasis in personal development because of many opportunities that abound in a foreign country ie learning new languages and harnessing other personal skills like ICT, Catering, Business Development, Event Management, Entertainment etc.

The Management

M. Germain Gagnolon


Ijisakin 'Wole Charles


Alexis Agbessi

Director of Students

What Our Students Have to Say

When I say ESEP Le-Berger Universite shaped me , sometimes people don't understand and they wonder how. The institution grounded me professionaly, morally and personally. Esep le-Berger does not teach just schorlaly but also teaches sound mind and professional alertness.
Oyegoke Tobilola
B.Sc ESEP, M.Sc (Grenoble Alpes) France
The choice regarding higher education is very important in the life of a young adult due to the significant influence it has on one's career. Esep le_berger University equipped me with the knowledge and skills I used to pursue my career. d the guidance, support and encouragement from my lectuers during and after my time at the university.
Arafat O. Amuni
M.Sc International University of Chester, England
Esep! The place where it all started. Going to ESEP at a young age all I really knew was that I wanted to to study and I had a burning passion to know all that is going on in the world. Meeting extraordinary lecturers who impacted me with knowledge and motivated me in so many ways especially boosting my interest in global affairs. My achievements are the best moments of my life and I will forever be grateful to ESEP for playing a part in it.
Yusuf Faridat Eniola
B.Sc ESEP, M.Sc (Conventry University, England)
My journey to greatness began the day I enrolled at my Great Alma Mata, ESEP Le BErger Universite. I was surrounded by every resource that fuelled my drive to a new world of possibilities; from thoroughly seasoned lecturers to a goal driven course mates. Looking back now at how far I've come as a high demand International English Teacher, I couldonly eulogize this Citadel of Learning for all the drillings that fine-tuned me to who I am today
Nnorom Oluchi
B.Sc. ESEP, Certified Teacher, United Arab Emirates