2022 ESEP MEDIA WEEK: If we are ready to end insecurity in Nigeria, we will end it- Dr. Innocent

By Moyinoluwa Olurotimi

One of the erudite lecturers in the department of Mass Communication, Esep Le Berger University, Cotonou Benin Republic, Dr. Innocent Ezeugonwa, has said that insecurity in the country can be eradicated if Nigerians are ready.
He made the statement during a seminar at the Departmental week tagged ASCOM Week,which was held from April 25th to 29th at the varsity campus.
Moreover, Nigerian students in Benin Republic were enlightened on approach to end insecurity in the Nigeria, which has to start from the leaders.

The seminar themed; “Nigerian Media Reportage on Terrorism and Insecurities: The Challenges and Prospect” was targeted on strategies to end terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria.
“Nigeria has never been a bed of roses as far as insecurity is concerned, the day we are ready to end insecurity in Nigeria, we will end it, because terrorism and insecurity is usually initiated for political goals.
“According to the video we watched, the government is said to have given ammunition and funds to the military forces to combat with terrorists and there is still insecurity,” Dr. Innocent lamented.
In his lecture, he stressed that the Abuja-Kaduna train incident happened because the government weren’t proactive.
In furtherance, he gave characteristics of terrorism and mode of operation which includes unlawful violence, use of unlawful and assorted dangerous weapons, suicide bombing, kidnapping, assassination and among others.
Speaking on the causes of insecurity in Nigeria, Dr. Innocent mentioned bad Government, Corruption, Marginalization, Ethnic Mistrust, Community Clashes, Security Agencies Brutality (EndSars), Religious Bigotry, Polarized Political Ideology, Jihadist Ideologist, Abuja Declaration of 1989 and 1990.

“The prospects of Nigerian Media reportage of terrorism and insecurities is that the reportage must be balanced, it must be factual, it must be from official credible sources and the information should be conveyed as accurate,” he submitted.
In the same vein, other events that occurred during the media week included Novelty Match between ASCOM FC and ESEP FC, visitation to an orphanage home at Jeffa, Cotonou.
The Week was rounded off with dinner and award night as the new and first of it kind Media Jet was launched along side.
The dinner at OUNAB Event Center had the presence of lecturers, students, friends and indigenes as outstanding students of the department with notable Lecturers and supportive Non-Teaching Staffs were appreciated with awards.

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